WhatsApp & Viber Apps Adds End To End Encryption For Security

This month Viber and Whatsapp rolled out much-awaited feature end to end encryption to their messaging apps which improve security to your data you transfer through these apps.

Apple incorporated this end to end encryption technology in IMassages long back but Whatsapp and Viber are finally decided to add this features on their messaging apps to provide most reliable security to its users.

Normal users who are using these apps to send text and media format message are don’t find much use of it but the private organizations, Government institutions like military and research departments who are using these services to share data and constantly in touch on those apps are feeling happy about this end to end encryption roll out.

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If you don’t know what is an end to end encryption and the advantages of this feature then don’t worry I am going briefly share information all you need to know about it.

What is End To End Encryption?

End to end encryption is a security algorithm which sends data in a coded format where a receiver can only decrypt the data to see the information, even service providers can not access the data, it means you can safely send any confidential information through this services without worrying about data theft.

Hacking is becoming a problem to general users because financial institutions and other big companies are using high-security Softwares to protect the data but small businesses who are sharing confidential information through these apps are prone to get hacked.

We have seen the recent conflict between Apple and FBI, US government requested to hand over some user data but Apple refused and said they are using encrypted algorithm in IMassages so they don’t even have information about it.

How to check your Whatsapp app Version has End To End Encryption?

If you don’t update your mobile apps frequently and wants to know whether your installed WhatsApp version is using end to end encryption or not then WhatsApp has a tool now which enables to verify your version.

Here is the link to know information how to verify you WhatsApp version.

Viber Deployed End To End Encryption


After looking at the WhatsApp security measures to its users, another popular messaging service Viber deployed end to end encryption on their messaging service.

I am using Viber from last two years and most of my family and personal friends are on Viber rather than crowded Whatsapp service, now I can use this service to share my financial credentials and other confidential data with them more securely.

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Here is the link to Viber website where it has given complete details about end to end encryption like which mobile OS version it works, how it works, how it authenticates users and other related information to this security.

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Over To You

In my point of view, WhatsApp and Viber has taken the good initiative to protect their users’ data but every technological advancement has its own negatives and positives, it is a boon to so many antisocial elements who can use this service to their advantage so I hope people will use this technology for a good cause.

I request you to kindly share your opinions and thoughts about this service in the comments section which enables other readers to about your people’s opinion.

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