Opera Browser Offers Free Opera VPN Service For Online Privacy

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Opera browser is the first internet surfing browser which introduced VPN service to its customers, till now people used to pay for the VPN services who wants to hide their identity online.

VPN(virtual private network) services are very useful to access some restricted websites in some demographical areas, for example, YouTube was banned in Pakistan till last year and there is a restriction on so many websites in many countries.

If you want to access those restricted websites in those banned countries then you need VPN service which hides your IP address and geographical location.

According to Opera blog post regarding free VPN services, it conveyed some reasons why people use VPN service.

  • To access good entertainment data
  • To hide identity while browsing restricted websites
  • To browse restricted sites at work
  • To be in touch with family and friends in abroad.

Opera Browser Introduced Free Unlimited Opera VPN Service

On 20th April 2016, Opera released updated desktop version with built-in Free unlimited VPN service to hide your identity online.

This is good news to so many web developers and users who wants to access some restricted websites which are informative in nature.

At present, some browser extensions and third party applications are offering free VPN services to the users but they are not unlimited.

Opera did a great job by offering the unlimited free VPN service built-in within the browser without downloading any extra software or third party applications.

From now on Opera browser users can access restricted websites without worrying about where they are living.

Opera VPN Service Features

  • Opera hides your IP address by replacing your IP address with a virtual one, so it is impossible to sites to track your computers IP address and location.
  • Opera Unblocks Firewalls, many institutions, organizations use firewalls to restrict and block the websites within their network but now with the help Opera VPN service we can unblock those firewalls easily.
  • Enhanced Public Wifi Security, whenever we are using public Wifi then chances of losing our secured data is very high but using a VPN can secure our data and personal information on public Wifi networks.
  • Opera VPN uses 256-bit encryption which is more secure and powerful service which hides all our information.

Here is the official short video about free built-in VPN service.

Give A Try to Opera VPN Service

To try Opera free VPN service on your Mac or Windows click here and download and install the latest developer version then go to the settings and select the Privacy & security and check mark enable VPN checkbox, that’s it now you are ready to use Opera free VPN service.


Over To You

Technology is changing everyday VPN has its own advantages and disadvantages, its up to us how to use the technology in the right way without disturbing other people.

I hope this article will help you to enhance your online privacy, if you want to share your experiences or opinions about this topic please leave a message in the comments section.

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