Facebook Messenger Launched Group VOIP Calling Upto 50 Members

Facebook recently updated its messenger app and allowed group VOIP calling to talk with up to 5o members at a time which is a boon to so many families and friends who want to talk with a group of people at a time.

At present Viber and Line apps offering group VOIP calls up to 200 people which allowed them to gain some market share, now Messenger updated its services to grab those market share in this segment.

Viber and Line apps are not as popular as Whatsapp and Facebook but till now some features allowed them to gain popularity, slowly Facebook is developing Messenger as a strong opponent to messenger services.

Facebook Messenger Launched Group VOIP calling

Facebook first move to divide messenger app from the Facebook social media to make this app as an individual app with own capabilities shows how the company is focusing on Messenger.

VOIP calls quality of the Facebook Messenger is excellent, I am using Messenger most of the times to talk with friends and family who are settled in other countries like the US, UK, and SA.

Now Facebook Messenger launched group VOIP calling which is a fantastic feature which enables us to talk with different country people at a time within the group.

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How To Do Group Calling In Messenger App?

For those people who have not tested Messenger VOIP group calling, I will give short introduction how to do it.

First, open your Messenger APP then select the groups icon at the bottom of  the app, here is the screenshot.

messenger app dashboard

After selecting the group icon we will see all our groups in which we are the members of the group, now select the group you want to make a group call to its members.

Now we will able to see the call icon at the top right corner of the screen to make VOIP call, here is the screenshot for your convenience.

group call button

Next, click on the call icon, now Messenger opens all the members information of that group with the profile pictures and names, here we have to select the members to whom we want to make a group call, just click on their name, messenger will show us right tick mark on their profile name that means we are going to include that profile in our group call.

Here is the screenshot after selecting some profiles for my group call.

profile selection

Now it shows group member profiles at the bottom of the screen with call text, just click on call text, boom now you are making a call to your desired people of the group.

That’s it making a group call and talking up to 50 people at a time is possible through Facebook Messenger.

Over To You

I hope Facebook Messenger Launched Group VOIP calling article helped you to know the latest feature available on Messenger to talk with your loved ones at a time without losing the fun.

I request you kindly share your opinions, thoughts, experiences about the Messenger VOIP group call in the comments so that other users will come to know about the quality of VOIP call through Messenger.

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