Apple Updates MacBook Air 13 inch With 8GB Of RAM

MacBook Air 13 inch with 8GB RAM

From now onwards all MacBook Air 13 inch laptops are shipped with 8GB RAM, today they have updated their Indian website with this information.

I was actually confused whether to buy a MacBook Air (4GB RAM) or MacBook Pro (8GB RAM) since a couple of months and eagerly waiting for MacBook Air upgrade model for 2016.

4GB RAM is not sufficient for a lot of works, one thing stopped me from buying MacBook Air is its 4GB RAM compared to MacBook Pro 8GB RAM.

Those who travel a lot  and want to carry a lightweight laptop with good performance then MacBook Air is a good option, till now it has only one disadvantage that is 4GB RAM but now Apple made this laptop more powerful which is equivalent to MacBook Pro.

Macbook Air 13 inch with 8GB of RAM

Finally, Apple decided to equip 8GB RAM for MacBook Air for the 13-inch model, Apple not yet disclosed the price but I am expecting the price will be the same as previous model.

Along with MacBook Air Apple also updated its MacBook 12 inch model with good specifications they also introduced rose gold color to Macbook 12 inch.

MacBook 12 inch Specifications

Now MacBook 12 inch comes with 6th generation Intel processor with an option to customize each laptop with up to 1.3 GHz clock speed, new MacBooks’s 8GB of RAM works faster than the previous one with 1866 MHz LPDDR3 memory.

New MacBook 12 inch Graphics performance will increase 25% compared to the previous model because Apple equipped HD graphics 515 chip.

Battery life now lasts up to 1o hours wireless web, 11 hours of iTunes movie playback, up to 30 days of standby time.

Pricing Of MacBook 12 inch

Macbook 12 inch with 256GB, Core Intel M3 processor, 8GB of RAM price is quoted Rs.1,06,900/-

Macbook 12 inch with 512GB, Core Intel M5  processor, 8GB of RAM price is quote Rs. 1.29,600/-

Note:  These prices are taken from the authorised stores, so check online eCommerce websites to get the latest prices on new models, as of now online e-commerce websites not yet listed the new models.

Over To You

If you are an Apple product lover and huge fan of MacBook Air 13 inch then 8GB RAM upgrade is really a good news for most of the MacBook Air lovers like me, so what are you waiting for, get the good price for new MacBook Air 13 inch with 8GB RAM and leave your opinions in the comments box.

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